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There is Only one Monday that We Love

Few days ago, media executives, journalists and bloggers, met at The Albion restaurant, and enjoyed a festive lunch, hosted by the Macedonian Halva, that reminded everyone that Ash Monday is the Only Monday we love.

Kites, flags and flowers colored up the venue, while the live music performed by Ms. Xenia Gargali and her band cheered up the guests, who had the opportunity to enjoy delicious appetizers and main courses as well as Macedonian Halva in various flavors!

The Macedonian Halva is a dessert perfectly integrated in the Mediterranean diet and is produced from tahini, that is, 100% ground sesame, which keeps all the beneficial ingredients of this precious seed intact. Rich in calcium, iron and selenium, it is a source of magnesium, zinc and fiber, making it an excellent complement to our daily nutrition needs.  It is available in various flavors such as Vanilla, Cocoa and Almonds.

The attendees had the opportunity to learn the new, ambitious project of Macedonian Halva, which is to support Make-A-Wish, a foundation which fulfils the wishes of children with serious illnesses! For this reason, All you have to do is to visit the online platform www.agapamedeftera.gr and to choose among your favorite habits (Traditional Table, Friends and Family, Excursion to Countryside & Kite flying) that make Ash Monday  special for you.

Join www.agapamedeftera.gr,  “share” and help the Macedonian Halva to fill childrens’ hearts with love and colors!

Written by Evina

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