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“Tou Anemou kai tis Armyras”-New gastronomy book

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Three people who love gastronomy, seek and record the culinary tradition of Cyclades. Nana Dareioti, Andreas Androulidakis and Thalia Tsichlakis, in cooperation with the Chamber of Cyclades created a great book regarding Aegean Cuisine “Tou Anemou kai tis Armyras” which was released a few weeks ago.

They have traveled to the beautiful Cyclades and collected data on local cuisine of every Cycladic island. Thanks of course to the contribution of local people, especially the elder ones, who had lots of stories to share concerning their local cuisine.

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According to the authors, the purpose of this new book “Tou Anemou kai tis Armyras” is multiple. To preserve the tradition and knowledge of the older generation, and to pass it on to the new one.  To record all aspects of Cycladic culinary culture and enable those who are interested to study it in more depth. Last but not least, to offer a useful tool to those who want to learn more about that special culture.

As an addition to the above I wanted to share with you my own experience reading through this book. Flicking through its pages, I “traveled” to beautiful Cyclades and tasted with my imagination all the wonderful, local delicacies.

Written by Evina

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