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Cooking with Kerrygold

Few weeks ago, right before Christmas time, I had the chance to visit the Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children in Voula with Kerrygold’s team. It was my pleasure visiting those kids on a Saturday morning and treat them savory cheesy biscuits that I have prepared with Regato Kerrygold. During our visit, we have also prepared together with the kids yummy sandwiches with Kerrygold butter and Regato Classic in seasonal shapes.

We were warmly welcomed by the kids and the staff and after tasting the above delicacies we spent some time together playing various board games and we had lots of fun.

Furthermore, Kerrygold wanting to support and enhance their action, they offered 70 kilos Kerrygold Regato Classic and 150 Kerrygold butter packages, which will cover their needs for butter and cheese for a whole month.

It was my honor being a part of this team and I had a great time with the kids, receiving lots of love and enjoying moments of joy and creativity.

Written by Evina

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