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Easter 2020

Holy Saturday morning and some “last minute” errands need to be done. Groceries to purchase from my childhood friends, pick-up of our skewer which will be cooked on Easter Sunday and a couple of mageiritsa soup which were ordered as this year we will not be having a family dinner at my aunt’s house who is a great cook. Needless to mention, remote wishes to my two beloved Godchildren.

At noon, while making the last preparations for the Easter table – my husband was preparing an amazing strawberry mille-feuilles for our dinner- the doorbell rings and a delicious treat arrived: grilled octopus and frozen tsikoudia, prepared and delivered by our neighbors. These days, we need to stay home and not be with friends and family, but we keep exchanging delicious treats within our building, homemade delicacies, sweets and red-dyed eggs. #Staying_home has some perks too!

Holy Saturday night and my little daughter sets a beautiful Easter table for 4, with our good tableware, candles and wine glasses for everyone. We dress-up and have dinner the four of us in a completely festive manner. Eating, exchanging wishes and discussing, we enjoy family, precious moments. And right then, I realize that moments are what we should cherish whether we are 4 or 24 persons at the table. The dessert was absolutely fantastic and at 23.55 sharp, we step out at the veranda to exchange Easter wishes with our neighbors (social distancing is the latest trend you see)! This year I have mixed feelings, and I am quite devastated by my mom’s absence. But show must go on!

A bright sun rises and shines on Easter Sunday. I take Darcy on her morning walk and it feels like you are in a village. No cars around, and people all over enjoying the sunshine in their balconies or their gardens. Music notes are heard all around and it is more than obvious that there are numerous music preferences in our neighborhood.

Getting back home, my husband has already put our skewer on the BBQ, and he is making various calls and video chats with friends and family. OK, we may be stuck at home, but we keep communicating with our loved ones.

Lunch is almost ready and will be served in the garden. A couple of friends joins and we are having a great time, sipping our wine and eating all the delicacies prepared. Chocolate soufflé is a great ending to a festive lunch.

At the evening news broadcast I heard that only a few people have not obeyed to the governments’ guidance for staying home and that the vast majority complied to the rules. Way to go!

Easter 2020 will always be remembered as it was very different from anything that we are accustomed to, but what should stay inside us is that we should cherish every single moment that we share with our family and that we should keep all the good memories that are created even in tough times like that.

I wish that next year we will be able to spend our Easter with friends and extended families and that we will all be together, hugging and kissing with no second thoughts!

Written by Evina

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