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World Water Day

On the occasion of the World Water Day which occurs yearly on March 22, the Natural Mineral Water Korpi organized with great success, for the 9th consecutive year, the Water Care Festival at its premises in Monastiraki Vonitsa, highlighting the benefits of consuming water and stressing the importance of protecting the environment.

Each year, the Water Care Festival initiates activations to educate the local communities on environmental issues as well as on the importance of water in human life and our planet’s future.

In this context, Korpi Natural Mineral Water’s premises were decorated with various creative material and colorful balloons to welcome enthusiastic Primary School students from the local community. The children had the chance to visit Korpi premises and to participate in various interactive games such as “The river”, etc.

More specifically through those activations children:

  • learned the vital importance of water for the human body
  • were informed of the percentage of water available in our body
  • were trained on the importance and consequences of a mild dehydration in the physical and mental functioning of the body as well as the ways through which they can maintain the right level of hydration in their body
  • learned that earth’s surface is mostly covered with water, but only a small amount is available for human consumption. The aim of this game was for the children to understand that water resources are limited and we must manage it accordingly
  • have understood how everyone has a share in environmental pollution and have learned how we could eliminate our involvement in this environmental pollution
  • learned about the plastic recycling process as well as about the new products that can be produced from recyclable materials

Cook & Feel joined this event and we were privileged not only to participate in educating, yet entertaining, activations but also to visit Korpi state-of-the-art premises where safety and environmental-friendly policies are top priorities for the management.

Written by Evina

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