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Small producers, great delicacies

If you love great delicacies, pay a visit to the brand-new Gastronomos grocery store which operates in Sklavenitis hyper market located in Avenue shopping mall (41-43 Kifisias Av., Maroussi) which will be a reference point for foodies and food lovers in Athens.

The store is an initiative of Gastronomos magazine in order to promote fine products from local producers all over Greece.

The range of products is pretty wide. Legumes, rice from Northern Greece, a wide variety of pasta, rusks, olives, fresh eggs, truffles from Grevena, dried wild mushrooms to enrich our ready-made sauces for dips or pasta, fine Greek, herbs and many more. All  of excellent quality and taste.

At the moment the grocery store has 1,159 products listed from 130 producers and the list grows longer so to enjoy pure Greek, quality food.

Written by Evina

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