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South Aegean: European Region of Gastronomy 2019

A number of events which will take place in 2019 under the title “South Aegean – Gastronomy Region of Europe 2019” was presented a few days ago at a press conference given by the South Aegean Regional Governor, George Hadjimarkos and the Ambassador of the Gastronomy Region, chef Argiro Barbarigou, coordinated by Ioanna Stamoulou, a food editor.

The events scheduled for 2019 are the outcome of an effort that began in January 2017 by South Aegean executives, the Prefect of Cyclades & Dodecanese and 117 active partners from the South Aegean’s islands.

This is an exceptional distinction, not only for the South Aegean, but for the country as a whole. Since 2017 there had been numerous efforts of the South Aegean Region to promote the gastronomic wealth, culture and local products of those islands as a reference point of the European gastronomic culture and heritage. Their aim is to extrovert, link gastronomy and tourism and to promote local products in foreign markets.

As gastronomy has become a fundamental element of tourism and the enjoyment of good food is always an essential ingredient of travel experience, the aim of the South Aegean Region is to highlight the gastronomy of its islands as an element of their particular identity and character and to make them a part of the powerful gastronomy movement that already exists in other European countries.

The South Aegean Regional Governor, George Hatzimarkos, among others, stated:

“2019 is a great celebration for our islands. A celebration in which all society is involved. I would like to thank once again our Leaders Club, who, with care and dedication, is working hard with us towards this direction, as well as all our partners who have adopted our vision and worked for it. I also would like to thank the Ambassador of the title, Argiro Barbarigou, who put her soul and proved her love by traveling all over the world to promote those islands”.

The Ambassador of the title, Chef Argiro Barbarigou mentioned:

“It is an honor for me to be the Ambassador of Southern Aegean gastronomy. More important is the fact that our region has been designated as the “Gastronomic Destination for 2019,” by the European Union.

Our tireless team worked together with George Hadjimarkos, who always looks ahead, as well as with the Club of Prefectures of the Dodecanese and Cyclades, and in 2018 we participated in various gastronomic events in Europe, US and Canada, promoting the Aegean gastronomy in the best possible way.

2019, is our moment to promote our gastronomic culture of the South Aegean further, and we will continue with a series of new events in Greece, Europe and the US to demonstrate our gastronomic and our local products as a reference point for European culinary culture and heritage.”

Written by Evina

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