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Cooking Workshop by Nestlé Healthy Kids

Last Sunday, November 18th, more than 250 children participated in a Cooking Workshop organized by Nestlé in collaboration with the executive chefs Kiriakos Melas and Dimitris Skarmoustos, in Technopolis, Athens.

The event was held in the context of Nestlé’s initiative for Healthy Kids, which aims to raise awareness and educate children on balanced nutrition and physical activity. Seven workshops took place from 10am to 6pm with the participation of children aged 6-11. Through these workshops, children had the opportunity to learn about the importance of healthy diets and of meeting basic dietary needs in everyday life, through the prism of different professions. They then prepared two healthy recipes that can that are easy to prepare as a school snack. Executive chef Kyriakos Melas presented a savory recipe, a vegetable tortilla with yogurt, Parmesan cheese, avocado, chicken, iceberg, carrot and spinach. Executive chef Dimitris Skarmoutsos followed with a yummy recipe showing to the young participants how to make their own energy bar in some simple steps using oats, honey and dried fruits.

Written by Evina

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