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Sympossio Greek Gourmet Touring celebrates its 10th anniversary

Sympossio Greek Gourmet Touring celebrated its 10 years of life and welcomed collaborators and friends at an anniversary event held at the Zonars.

Over the years, Sympossio, which have succeeded to unite institutions and Greek businessmen by setting a common goal to promote the Greek flavors and regions of Greece abroad, dedicated its 10th anniversary to “Olive oil and Wine”, a leap in simple, quality and authentic Greece.

The opening ceremony of Greece’s most prominent synergy program was announced by Alexandros Angelopoulos, the founder of Sympossio and Chief Executive Officer of Aldemar Resorts Group, stating:

“10 years is a long period for a private initiative that unites businesses, operators, regions and producers on the biggest trip that Greek gastronomy has done in the world. But there is little about the self-evident synergies and benefits of an exuberant and always a leading economic host of hospitality. I am proud and grateful to all of its contributors. ”

During the event, all the guests tasted delicious dishes that accompany this year’s Sympossio and are signed by the chefs of the Aldemar Resorts Group. They also tasted “Sappho’s Elixir” cocktail which was based on olive oil and inspired by Myrsini Spaneli, bar manager at the Zonars. Dinner and cocktails were accompanied by live music by Stephanos Kokkalis.

Written by Evina

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