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New book for traditional Greek pies

Kostis Kostakis is a Greek man born and raised in beautiful Crete. Next to his mother and grandmother, he grew up and learned to love traditional food and cooking. Over the years, he decided to study at the state cooking school and to become a professional chef.

Led by his love for quality raw materials – and more specifically for flour and its amazing abilities to be transformed, he decided to go a step further and open his own store where he creates and serves traditional pies, full of flavors, savory and sweet ones, daily.

But then he was determined to go a little further. He wrote a great book, a tribute to his great love, pies, “Pittes apo xeri” (Handmade pies), published recently by Psychogios Book Publishing. Going through those pages, you’ll find 62 recipes for savory and sweet pies (all handmade), basic dough recipes as well as tips for better results. “Wandering” in its pages, I am sure that you will not only crave for a delicious, homemade, traditional pie, but you will be overwhelmed by your childhood memories.

Written by Evina

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