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Welcome to High School


September is here and this summer holidays’ memories have already started to faint. As of today, we will be “on the double” every day trying to keep up with girls’ school and other activities.

The alarm clock is already set at 6 a.m. when I have to get up, walk our dog and get back home to start our morning “ritual” Breakfast has to be served, lunch box has to be filled and off we go to school. 3rd grade of Primary School for our little one, and 1st grade of High School for our elder daughter.

And this is where my concerns start. My little girl grew up and she is already in High School’s 1st grade. She needs to start being independent and find her own “path”. New school, new classmates (thank God, several old ones as well), new teachers, new procedures and so, inevitably, new habits for her, such as walking home alone or have some fun alone with her friends (another source of frustration for her poor mother).

At this point, I have to thank technology, which I have passionately served the last 20 years, as it provides me with various means in order to have some control of my daughter’s activities. Mobile phones and their applications are some of them and they always keep me in line with my daughter’s new routine.

However, I should admit that I am so proud that I have managed to establish a two-way, substantial communication with Lydia, so that she can trust me and ask for advice when needed. I, in turn, give her more freedom each day until she feels confident enough to rule her new world.

And I really wish, from the bottom of my heart, that I will maintain this trust and be able to stand right beside her for as long as I shall leave. And I will always be proud of her achievements and her choices because she will own them.

Written by Evina

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